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Wingmen's Mission Statement:

"To produce a sense of community, teamwork and positivity to the CAL High Football program that inspires our coaching staff and young athletes to push beyond the limits of possible and achieve the impossible".

2019 Booster Official's Election

Elections were held on February 12, 2019

Below is your new Board, please stop by and show your support!  

Help is always welcomed and it is never too late to join, please consider doing so.

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2019 Elected Officers


Melissa Ramos - CAL High Football Booster President

-Cal High Football Booster Vice President

Pete Ruiz - CAL High Football Booster Secretary

Yvonne Thomas - CAL High Football Booster Treasurer




Advisory Committee


Julie Clark - Varsity Coordinator

Gloria Morales / Juan Orozco - JV Coordinators

Open - Frosh Coordinator 

Rich Clark - Social HUB

Erica Alcarez - Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator

Monique Johnson - Fundraising Coordinator

Melissa Ramos - Merchandise Coordinator

Rocio Lagunas / Laura and Rosalba Mejia-Torres /

Esmeralda Ramos - Banquet Coordinators



Ad Hoc Boosters


Please consider helping, you won't regret it!

Want to share your fundraising ideas?  Have any questions?

Please email us at:

(click here for a description of duties)

Booster Bylaws require that Elected Officials have an active football player,

volunteers  are always welcomed.

Wingmen Membership Levels

All Levels are thanked with Honorary Mention on Sponsor Page

$ 25..................."Silver Condor"

$50........"Golden Condor" (One Spirit Tee)

$100......."Platinum Condor" (Two Spirit Tees)


Each level will receive the corresponding car decal showing your support.  Remember, all proceeds go to the football program, your support and donations are tax deductible.

You may join anytime, just stop by during a Booster meeting.


The CAL High Football program's success depends on parents,

friends, alumni and the community's involvement.  Our goal is to

provide all football players a rewarding experience. 

All help is appreciated.

 Please consider donating a few hours this season, you'll find it to be a

rewarding experience....we guarantee it!


" Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success"

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*2018 season views:  15,400

 *2017 season views: 5,570