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Wishing Our 2018 Seniors The Best


Senior Night 2018...



Join the "REMIND" Condor network.  You will receive up to the minute "Condor Football" updated information (ie, changes to schedules, reminders, etc. via text messages).

Log onto and follow the directions.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail the boosters at   *Note may change upon new Booster installation, in the mean time you will be kept updated through this log in.



The "Boosters" is a group of amazing individuals who have made the choice to make a difference in the lives of these young athletes (visit the "Wingmen" tab for details).  The 2018 goal is to surpass the 2017 funds by raising $50,000 to purchase new jerseys and needed equipment.

The football team is funded almost in its entirety by booster support.  Be part of the effort by participating and inviting family members to participate in fundraisers.  Financial report is available at Booster meetings upon request.  Thank you!



In order to provide "Game Programs" and offset cost for team events, sponsorship are needed throughout the year. So, please submit sponsorship forms ASAP.  Contact a Booster Member for more information.


Please visit the Sponsorship tab, and thank our current sponsors on behalf of our young athletes by supporting them in return.


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