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In order to provide "game programs" and reduced team events, sponsorship are needed throughout the year to help offset the cost. So, please submit sponsorship forms ASAP throughout the year.  Please contact a Booster for more information.


.."2017 Booster Highlights"

  • Two varsity parents have combined their efforts to generously donated a "Drone" for practice game filming.

  • "Thank you" to everyone who has been participating in the 2017 fundraiser events, merchandise purchasing, donating your time, and much more., because of your support the Boosters where able to:

1. Set up and obtain an official non-profit designation

2. Purchase "(4) Tackle Dummies" in the amount of $2,561 for our Condor football team

3. Raise  $2,342 to purchase a "5-Man Oklahoma Chute" for the team

4. Provide numerous "free" pre-season BBQs for all  our Condor team levels

5. Provided "free snacks" to the Condor team during all passing league practice games

6. Provided reduced or "FREE" team feedings with the help of our sponsor (an average of $450 per feeding x 11 feeding that's $4,950!)

7. Provided funding to offset a parent "Meet and Greet" event

8. Purchased "Team Banners" for all three levels

9. Provided "free" awareness month "Pink-out" accessories for all team levels

10. Invested in Condor Merchandise

11. Provided funding to offset end-of-year banquet expenses

12. Raise monies to award 3 scholarships of $500 each (to be awarded at the Varsity Banquet).



Once again, thankyou to all our CONDOR supporters that helped with team feedings, merchandise both, and much more! Because of your help the 2017 Condor Football Boosters surpassed ALL its' original goals.  

It's never to late to join and help the "Condor Football Team".  Its' never too late to make a difference in the lives of these young athletes by becoming a "2018 Elected Booster Official".  Its' a noble and rewarding cause.  Please submit your name and the office you wish to hold ASAP.  New members will be anounced in January 2018.  Visit the "Wingmen" tab for more details coming soon.





It is highly encouraged and important for all parents to participate in fund raising events  the football team is sustained almost in its entirety by booster support, so please be part of the effort by participating and inviting family members to attend.  Financial information is available upon request.   Thank you!

December 7, 2017           "Varsity Banquet"

Varsity Player & Team Managers are FREE! 


Other dates that are yet to be determined:


-None pending at this time.

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