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Scroll to the bottom for UPDATED end of season Banquet information  (Pls contact your levels' Booster Liason regarding any quetions)


March 25, 2017                 "Applebee's Fundraiser"

April 19, 2017                    "Meet and Greet"

May 6, 2017                      "Airo California Regional Event"

May 16, 2017                     "The Habit Fundraiser"

June2, 2017                      "Blue and Gold & Powder Puff Football"

June 3, 2017                      "Pomona Football Tournament"

June 8, 2017                      "Frosh Parent Meeting"

June 21, 2017                    "Movie Night at Starlight Whittier Cinemas"

July 1, 2017                       "Passing Tournament vs. Whittier"

July 3 to July 21, 2017       "Dead Period"

July 24, 2017                     "Fall Camp Start"

July 27, 2017                     "Frosh Liaison Parent Meeting"

July 29, 2017                     "Meet and Greet" --- Thank you to all the parents that attended!

August 3, 2017                  "First Day in Pads"

August 4, 2017                  "BBQ for all Condor Team Levels" -- Thank you to all the new parents that help feed over 125 players!

August 7, 2017                   "Bio Collection" & Family Day Info Handout"

August 12, 2017                 "Team Pictures & Family Day BBQ" -- Thank you, thank you to all the parents that volunteered!

August 18, 2017                 "Scrimmage - CAL vs. Long Beach Millikan"  (all levels)

August 24, 2017                 "Football Season Start"

August 31, 2017                 **JV Game Rescheduled  -- JV game time changed from 3:00 to 5:00 pm, same location.

September 1, 2017              **Varsity Game Tonight -- against Mayfair at Bellfower High School, 15301 McNab Abe., Bellflower CA

September 4, 2017             "Labor Day Practice

September 7, 2017              "Frosh Game rescheduled"  The Freshmen will play Valencia High School @ CAL at 3:15 pm

September 7, 2017              "Letterman Jacket Raffle"   (does not include patches)

Winner was announced at the end of the third quarter.   The winning voucher must be redeem within a year (by 9/6/2018).  CONGRATULATIONS to CHRISTINA RODRIGUEZ, raffle winner.  Thank you to all that participated.

September 11, 2017             " Booster Meeting Re Scheduled"

September 14, 2017             "Homecoming"   GO CONDORS!

September 15, 2017              "Comedy Night"   Thank you to all that participated, all proceeds benefit our Condor Football Team.

Congrats to our "Wine Tasting" raffle winners!

September 18-22, 207           "Bye Week"    No scheduled games for this week.

September 28, 2017              "Frosh vs. San Dimas Re Scheduled"

October 13, 2017                  "Awareness Month"  Thank you to all the participating by wearing pink.

October 25, 2017                  "Mandatory Senior Parent (only) Meeting"

November 3, 2017                 "Rivalry Game"

November 3, 2017                 "Senior Night"

November 3, 2017                 "Letterman Jacket Raffle" (does not include patches}

Winner was announced at the end of the third quarter.  The wining voucher must be redeem within a year (by 9/6/18).  CONGRATULATION TO Mr. Cantu, raffle winner.  Thank you to all that participated.

November 16, 2017                 "Freshman Banquet"

November 17, 2017                 "Scholarship Deadline"




In order to provide "game programs" and reduced team events, sponsorship are needed throughout the year to help offset the cost. So, please submit sponsorship forms ASAP throughout the year.  Please contact a Booster for more information.


.."Booster Highlights"

  • Two varsity parents have combined their efforts to generously donated a "Drone" for practice game filming.

  • "Thank you" to everyone who has been participating in the 2017 fundraiser events, merchandise purchasing, donating your time, etc., because of your support the Boosters where able to:

1. Purchase "(4) Tackle Dummies" in the amount of $2,561 for our Condor football team

2. Provide numerous free BBQs for the Condor team

3. Raise  $2,342 to purchase a "5-Man Oklahoma Chute" for the team

4. Raise monies for 3 scholarships, of $500 each (to be awarded at the Varisity Banquet).

5. Provided reduced or "FREE" team feedings with the help of our sponsor (an average of $400 per feeding x 11 feeding)

2017 Condor Football Booster  met ALL its' original set goals, stop by a Booster meeting and get information on the progress made.  It's never to late to join and help the "Condor Football Team".  Visit the "Wingmen" tab for meeting details.


"Booster Seating Section"

If you're running late.....DON'T WORRY!   New this season..... if you are a Booster member come join your fellow "Wingmen and Women" at the 50 yard line reserved seating.  Fill up the space and make a statement to your commitment to our CONDOR!    Don't be shy and take advantage

Also, if you have not picked up your shirt, please visit the Merchandise Booth to pick it up.


."Water and Orange Donation"

Please contact the "Booster Coordinator" for your football level for any questions. 

We are also in need of water & oranges for game days for all levels.  Please coordinate with your "Booster Coordinator" if you are willing to donate ASAP.  And thank you for your consideration.




It is highly encouraged and important for all parents to participate in fund raising events  the football team is sustained almost in its entirety by booster support, so please be part of the effort by participating and inviting family members to attend.  Financial information is available upon request.   Thank you!


November 17, 2017       "CAL High Football Booster Scholarship"

The 2017 Boosters have met yet another goal.   Three  scholarships, in the amount of $500 each, will be awarded to three deserving senior scholar athletes during the Varsity banquet. 

If you are a graduating college bound senior football player, please submit your application using your "CAL High Google" account no latter than November 17, 2017.  

Applications will be reviewed by a three person panel (faculty, coach, and a parent).  Winners will be announced  on December 7, 2017 during the Varsity Banquet.

Please click on the Application link below for information on qualification, and the application submission link.   GOOD LUCK!

(click on the link below and sign in using your CAL High Google account)


*Note you will be asked to show proof that you are college bound.

(form view only)

"Varsity Banquet Ticket Sale"

Price:              $20 per guest 

Where:           Ticket will be sold in front of the Large Gym 

When:             You may purchase tickets using "VEMO" account.  Other in person purchase dates will be                           announced for the week of November 27-30.   Because it is a sit-down dinner, tickets                               MUST be purchased by Nov. 30 so that a final count is given to the venue for adequate                             catering. Please purchase your ticket(s) before they run out.

Remember, your Varsity Player and Team Manager is "FREE"  


We hope to see you all there supporting your player.


November 30, 2017           "JV Banquet"

Purchase 1 ticket and your JV Player is FREE

We are accepting decorating ideas, and candy donations for the "Condor Candy Bar".   Please contact Julie Clark for more information.


December 7, 2017           "Varsity Banquet"

***NOTE...Ticket price : $20 per guest.    Varsity Player & Team Managers are FREE! 


Other dates that are yet to be determined:


-None pending at this time.

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